Ready, set, GO!!

In this very delicate moment, cleaning and disinfection are as important as ever

We have always kept an eye on cleaning as always, it’s been one of our priorities, we immediately took special actions:

  • Interpersonal distance of at least one meter in all common areas.
  • Access to buffets with limitation on the number of people who access them at the same time.
  • Increase in the distance between the buffet dishes.
  • Particular attention also to the cutlery, glasses and tablecloths used in the dining room and bar, such as the buffet and in the sauna.
  • Wipes soaked with disinfectant hydroalcoholic solution free of charge available in all common areas and in your room.
  • Competent and adequately trained staff in hygiene and safety matters.
  • Sanitization at regular intervals of all surfaces used in common with particular attention to door knobs, light switches, remote controls, tables, fans and lamps with chain switches, window sills and handles, thermostats, keys, hair dryer, railing, toilet, lift, sauna, etc.
  • Regular ventilation of all common areas.
  • Use of disposable gloves and cloths for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Washing of linen and table linen at the maximum temperature recommended by the manufacturer.